Many service requests are unique and require in-depth technical and procedural expertise. We have built our Tech Office to address exactly these kinds of requests. The team consists of experts in all fields of pre and after sales services and is able to deliver complex processes like advanced technical support, computer-based and classroom training, knowledge management or eSupport.

Through well established and IT-supported communication channels the Tech Office works in close cooperation with our Help Desk and is able to catch all escalations and requests originating there.

Total quality management
Product service ability check
CBT & classroom training
Knowledge management
Pre-production evaluation
Support chain management


Jetsam’s Tech Office consists of highly-qualified experts who are able to address even complex service requests which require special technical knowledge and skills. Probably the most challenging part of their daily business is the handling of the technical issues they receive from other service providers or directly from consumer electronics manufacturers.

Thereby, the error has first to be reproduced to find out where exactly the problem is located. This requires very detailed information about the hardware, the operating system etc. Regardless of whether the team has to deal with hardware or software problems, only about 10% of the issues re-occur, which means that in all other cases they more or less have to start from scratch. The aim is either to find a solution to the problem or at least to narrow down the most likely causes. Part of this job is also to discuss the problems at hand with the original device manufacturers which are mostly located overseas. All of this requires excellent product know-how and the ability to rapidly acquire knowledge of new technologies.

Jetsam provides technical service for computer systems and consumer electronics, such as laptops, televisions, DVD players etc. Apart from that, the team also handles a lot of other tasks which come along with the technical support, like the production of how-to videos for end customers, for instance. Moreover, they regularly write technical documents, addressed either to other service providers or directly to end customers and additionally make sure that these documents are translated into the respective languages.


In order to meet the demand of high-quality customer service, call centers and other service providers require special trainings for their employees. Jetsam‘s department for training and knowledge management brings in more than a decade of experience in exactly this field and provides custom-designed workshops for computer systems and consumer products, such as notebooks, televisions or any other digital product. Especially when a new service center is established or a new product is launched, intensive training is essential.

All of our workshops are provided in different modules:

Courses are usually conducted via computer-based trainings (CBT) using state-of-the-art software in order to ensure the best possible learning success. E-learning features a number of advantages such as flexibility, self-paced learning and not least a significant saving of time and costs. However, the personal contact, which our trainers enjoy during their on-site trainings, is also a very important aspect. Jetsam provides training to different customer groups: