Professional assistance in optimizing IT-supported processes

State-of-the-art after sales service is highly dependent on sophisticated and well-run IT solutions. We acknowledge and embrace this fact by offering to manage and improve the IT-backend of service delivery. By levering synergies and the experience of the team we are able to adjust and run appropriate software and service applications as for example service websites, repair management software, ERP systems or eLearning platforms.

Besides our software offers we also provide their hosting on datacenters located in Germany which are maintained and supervised by our competent staff. This also applies to the software and service applications we develop for our customers by comprehensive support services after project close-out. These include technical support and the administration of service applications. In conclusion we deliver the whole process from infrastructure planning over configuration to ensuing maintenance and support:


We deliver customized adjustments and maintenance of existing software and service applications. We also own SOX compliance which offers us the possibility to develop platforms for business critical areas such as stock markets, banks or AGs.

Ticket Systems

Service Platforms

eLearning Platforms

Database Systems

CMS Systems

Self help tools

API Webservices

SOX Compliance


Complete administration of needed infrastructure
Datacenters located in Germany
Software and service application individually adjusted to customer’s requirements
Technical support after implementation of software and service applications
Levering synergies by an experienced team
Assured availability of IT systems through strong focus on security and performance


As competent hosting provider we are able to deliver our customers all-in-one IT services. If you would like to know more about our datacenters please visit the following page:

More about our datacenters